Andreas Metzler
Andreas Metzler was born in Bern (Switzerland) in 1974.
He has played at a number of national and international occasions with local and international musicians (Gary Smulyan, Dick Oatts, David Friedman, Tony Miceli, Okay Temiz, John Engels, Saskia Laroo, Michiel Borstlap, Patrick Manzecchi...).
He achieved to get into the semi finals of the DUTCH JAZZ COMPETITION in 2004 at the BIM-HUIS in Amsterdam.
In 2013 he played a tour in USA (New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington) with Thelonious 4.
Andreas has played in many different groups and styles: Ton Art Ensemble (experimental/avantgarde) Hamburg 1998, Shibly Band (worldmusic) Skopje Acoustic Festival 2001, at many clubs and festivals since 2006, Nomy Rosenberg Trio (Gypsy Jazz) 2009, Rover Quartet 2010 (Fusion), Native City 2008 (Jazz) Macrocosmos (Bartok, Satie), Cosmic Tunnels 2016 (world music) and many more. Since 2015 he lives and works in Istanbul.
A musician, a bass and a loopstation. That's Bassolutions. The bassplayer Andreas Metzler brought out his first solo album in 2010 and will stand at the cultural festival in Regensburg/Germany in september...
...Bassolutions is a poetic masterpiece which is mostly outlined by allegorical creations of atmospheres alternating with breezy passages every so by Coltraine, Satie and even the Beatles – a widespread programme with a strong cognitive strength and a very personal dialectic...Bassolutions proves to be an outstandingly successful exercise in style on the verges of jazz, contemporary music and classical music accompanied by a fair amount of fantasy, improvisation and technique. Georges Tonla Briquet
New Solution is a solo project of the German bassist Andreas Metzler. With a loopstation Metzler handles his own accompanying parts, in which along with his voice, he uses his bass as a percussion instrument. Half the repertoire are compositions by Erik Satie complemented with pieces by Coltrane, Ortiz, McCartney (Blackbird) and an own piece...he rather creates a comfortable and exciting atmosphere with his impressive improvisations (with and without his bow)... In short, a beautiful and incorruptible piece of work achieved by an outstanding bassist.